Innovation through technology

Custom app development, deployment and UX/UI solutions.

Who we are

Quadro Shiftbit is a Johannesburg based company, focused on mobile app development, web applications, blockchain integration and technologies, and UX/UI design. Quadro Shiftbit have a broad range and extensive experience in multiple technology stacks.

Quadro Shiftbit has already tasted success by landing a US based Crypto and Blockchain company, Steemit Inc as our first client. We are developing the Steemit  mobile solutions using React Native for the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform as well as doing all their UI and UX design and delivery.

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What we offer

Mobile Gurus

We are mobile development specialists. Designing and building apps from the ground up for iOS, Android and cross platform.

Web Specialists

Building web apps for small business, scaling businesses as well as large enterprises. Solutions to suite any requirement.

UX/UI Masters

We are able to enhance the user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided by their interaction.

Meet the team

Robert Oswald

Technical Director

Graeme Oswald

Creative Director

Our clients